Envision a music industry where all creators are encouraged to advance their knowledge of music production regardless of their gender. A hub where all artists are seen for their creativity and feel comfortable to be their authentic selves. This community is The Creator's Suite! A place for us to share resources, develop our craft, and collectively amplify our voices. This is our moment to leap the culture forward.

The Creator's Suite Podcast is here! Check out our new podcast that features conversations with some of the 

most influential women in music production. You can find us on all audio streaming platforms and you can catch the video version on Youtube. 


Our mission is to create a nontoxic platform for women in music production to build community in and flourish. We believe that peer-to-peer networking is one of the greatest career builders.

Furthermore, we strive to bring educational and career-based opportunities to all women creatives that are engaged in this space.

Photography by Kevin Scenery courtesy of The Digilogue


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