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The Creator's Suite Podcast Is here!

2.6% of pop music producers are women, but that doesn’t mean that women in music production don’t exist. In fact, it’s quite the opposite. The Creator’s Suite Podcast reveals the brilliance and boldness of women DJs, producers, and audio engineers while diving deep in discussions around music industry hot topics and premier technology. So gear up to have both sides of your brain stimulated as we come together to listen, learn, and harness our power.

Click Below to Watch Ep: 2 Feat. Sarah, The !llstrumentalist

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On Episode 2 of The Creator's Suite Podcast we bring you an interview from our vault, with Sarah, The !llstrumentalist. Sarah, The !llstrumentalist is a music producer, content creator, and performance artist hailing from Raleigh, North Carolina and now based in Los Angeles, California. She creates soulful, lo-fi, boom bap hip-hop beats with a dusty jazz spaceship vibe. However Sarah, the !llstrumentalist is much more than a hip-hop producer. Her artistic drive allows her to create through several mediums, ranging from video, radio, and design. She owns and acts as creative director for beat-making lifestyle brand No Quantize, and shares her beat making skills and experience

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Our Hosts

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Abhita Austin

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Abhita Austin is the Founder of

The Creator’s Suite—an inclusive community for women in music production.


Josie Carr

  • Instagram

Josie Carr is an artist, entrepreneur, producer and educator.

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Karen Kieves

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Karen is a music and tech marketer with more than a decade of experience devising strategies aimed at breaking artists, selling out tours and engaging music fans.

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